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Physically going to the market to purchase edible oil is now thing of the past!

We at Gulab Oil and Foods Pvt. Ltd. have always strived at providing rich experience to customers with our innovative range of products. Whether it is 100% natural Gulab Groundnut Oil or recently introduced range of cold pressed oils, our products have always won the hearts of millions of families across India. And to further enhance that experience, we have gladly launched shopgulab.com – your one stop online destination for all of Gulab products.

‘Convenience’ being our primary objective, shopgulab.com enables you to get home delivery of your favorite Gulab products in just a few clicks.

Key features of shopgulab.com are as follows-
  • Exploring Gulab’s entire range at a go
  • Easy of ordering
  • Secure payment options
  • Safe Doorstep delivery
  • Instant assistance

COVID-19 has certainly changed our priorities when it comes to safety and hygiene. We are observing immense demand for our products online and we’re sure that this portal will come in handy for purchasing Gulab products.

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We at Gulab Oils, believe food should nurture heart, make the tummy happy and inspire the soul. Our team at Gulab Oils, is working on this mission for the past 25 years! We have created the finest edible oils, that provide you good health with every drop of oil, for you to indulge without guilt. Gulab Oils is one of the most trusted names in Gujarat & Western India, and is expanding every minute across india, with policy of Quality First. With wide range of edible oil variants, has made Gulab Oils, a market leader, a position which is enjoyed for almost more then two decades. At the time (1992) when Gulab Oils entered the market, which was already a saturated one, it was a mammoth task, but the dynamic man behind Gulab Oils had strong determination & vision.

Mr Mukesh Nathwani, hailed from the small town of Mangrol, in Junagadh District of Gujarat, where the heritage of Gulab Oils was born. This young boy from small town rose to the challenge, and took every one to surprise by his amazing business acumen, quality first policy, innovation, and promise to give good health with every drop of oil. His aim was simple, that the common man of India should get the best cooking oil at affordable prices. Today with 8 Oil Variants, and endorsement of more then 20 Lakh families, stands as a testimony for us. With changes times, change is necessary and inevitable, and we are committed to change for good. As the 21st generation joins team Gulab, there is more passion, personality & promise to serve nutritious and healthy cooking oils across India. Our Recipe for healthy Cooking Oils, is to redefine the stereo types, innovation and create a profound point of difference in the market place.

Over time, Gulab Oils has become one of the most reputed manufacturers in the industry. We layed more seeds of our growth from from east to west and north to south. And as our love for providing healthy life style options, we are ready to diversify, for more that, visit our Gulab Foods Webpage.

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