Double Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 Kg Jar

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100gm), Approximate value on Moisture Free Basis.Saturated fatty acids-20%, Mono unsatureted fatty acids 54%, Polynsaturated fatty acids-26%, Fat-99.9%, Energy-900 k cal, Protein-Absent, Carbohydrate-Absent, Cholesterol-Absent

Best Before 12 Months from the date of packing.

6 reviews for Double Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 Kg Jar
  1. Kantilal Patel

    Double filtered Groundnut oil 15 kg jar is great product

  2. Vijay Solanki

    We have been using this oil since the last few months, and it has helped reduce flatulence for all family members.

  3. Paresh Modi

    I am happy that this oil can be reused without harming its quality and taste.

  4. Dharti Patel

    We’re a big fan of this oil for cooking and frying food items.


    please provide me in ajmer at any cost

    • shopgulab (verified owner)

      which product you want sir?

  6. Sailesh Kumavat

    I have been using this groundnut oil since the past few months. I must say that it is an incredible addition to my kitchen. It doesn’t smell or tastes like raw groundnuts. It helped us reduce flatulence in the body.

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