Flavoured Black Pepper Peanuts-35Gm Pouch

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100gm), Nutrition facts may vary from season to season, region & types of seeds.Energy 640 Kcal, Total Fat 52g, saturated fat 5g, trans fat 0g, Cholesterol-Absent, total carbohydrate 19g, sugar 1g, dietary fiber 9g, protein 24g, sodium 450mg.

Best Before 6 Month Of Packing.
Ingredient: Roasted peanuts, refined cottonseed oil, black pepper, lodized salt, lemon powder, clove, dry mango powder, spices and condiments

Gulab Food is a renowned manufacturer and supplier of spicy Black Pepper Peanuts. Gulab Flavored Black Pepper Peanuts – 35 Gm Pouch is the perfect mixture of roasted spicy peanuts which is tossed in the finest pepper powder and gives the peanuts a great coat of pepper-ish flavour. Peanuts with Black Pepper is one of the best quality Indian flavoured peanuts and an amazing substitute to the standard salted option. Gulab Flavored Black Pepper Spicy Peanuts and and Chocolate Covered Peanuts serve with different beverages in the parties. Also, it is a good source of Vitamin E, which delays the process of ageing.

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This delicious snack is tasty and crunchy, which is prepared by the heritage hand roasting process and gives an appealing smoky aroma to the peanuts. The consumers can Buy Peanuts Online from various online stores such as Amazon, Big Basket, Flipkart, Grofers, and much more. Peanuts with Black Pepper is fulfilled with several types of vitamins like folate, niacin, manganese, etc. which is essential in daily body mechanisms. Sometimes, it can be used in double roti or Gujrati Dabeli as well as put in between the cut pav and serves along with the chutneys, which gives a crunchy effect while chewing like in dry roasted chickpeas.

Black Pepper Spicy Peanuts

The mouth-watering Black Pepper Peanuts are made with the traditional Indian recipe and seasoned with various natural Indian spices, and black pepper. There are many ingredients used to prepare Gulab Flavored Black Pepper Peanuts – 35 Gm Pouch that are salt, roasted spicy peanuts, black pepper, dry mango, refined cottonseed oil, lemon, and cloves. Our Edible Oil Industry is fully responsible for delivering the products within the promised time in customized packaging options so buy peanuts online now.

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  1. Chandrakaant Parekh

    Black pepper peanuts is very tasty and crispy.

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