Flavoured Tangy Mint Peanuts-140 Gm Pouch

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100gm), Nutrition facts may vary from season to season, region & types of seeds.Energy 640 Kcal, Total Fat 52g, saturated fat 5g, trans fat 0g, Cholesterol-Absent, total carbohydrate 19g, sugar 1g, dietary fiber 9g, protein 24g, sodium 450mg.

Best Before 6 Month Of Packing.
Ingredient: Roasted peanuts, refined cottonseed oil, lodized salt, dry mango powder, lemon powder, mint, spices and condiments

We are a leader in giving flavorful Nimbu Pudina Peanuts, which is made by processing raw peanuts in a hygienic environment. Gulab Tangy Mint Flavored Peanuts – 100 Gm Pouch consists of various ingredients such as roasted peanuts, dry mango powder, refined cottonseed oil, lemon powder, iodized salt, condiments, spices, and mint. The consumers can quickly get Gulab Tangy Mint Flavored Tasty Peanuts – 100 Gm Pouch at their door-step because they can easily order from the online stores in India. They can also buy from grocery stores, supermarkets, etc. Our offered products are acclaimed among our customers for our authentic flavour, freshness, rich protein content, and crunchiness.

Best Peanuts in India

Gulab Tangy Mint Flavored Peanuts is one of the Best Peanuts in India. In line with customer’s diverse requirements, our Edible Oil Industry is engaged in providing an optimum quality range of Tangy Mint Flavored Peanuts. Tangy Mint Flavored Peanuts is widely used in several cuisines and dishes. People can sprinkle tangy mint peanuts over the salad and serve them to the guests. It gives a variety to the salads and helps to get rid of as usual green salads on a daily basis. Also, the users can use Nimbu Pudina Peanuts in the raithas.

Nimbu Pudina Peanuts

Nimbu Pudina Peanuts is perfectly roasted peanuts that are tossed and rolled in with mint are best peanuts in india. It gives the right flavour as the chatwala of the street to the people and refreshes their taste with this fantastic flavour. Even, Nimbu Pudina Peanuts is a good source of the MUFA or monounsaturated fats that helps to decrease the harmful cholesterol levels as well as increase the proper cholesterol levels in the blood. Therefore, we can say that the peanut masala is very heart-friendly and also reduces the chances of a heart attack.


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