Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 Kg (Tin)

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Gulab Gold Filtered Groundnut Oil

Best Before 12 Months from the date of packing.
Net Qty: 15 Kg
Country of Origin: India
Buy filtered groundnut oil from Gulab Gold and add value to your cuisine. Counted among the best groundnut oils in India, the Gulab Gold filtered groundnut oil gives you several health benefits in addition to making your food tastier. Buy groundnut oil online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

Buy Gulab Gold Filtered Groundnut Oil – The Best Quality Groundnut Oil in India


Our filtered ground oil is less processed and t3290
ical Free

The filtering is done with specialized, well-researched processes while ensuring that the oil produced is free of all contaminants and chemicals. It is the best quality groundnut oil in India as this cooking oil is not chemically treated but double filtered to remove all impurities while retaining a good nutritive value.

Better Aroma

It is the best groundnut oil for cooking in India, as it enhances the taste of Indian curries, snacks, and savories through its unique aroma. Being a double-filtered pure cooking oil, the original aroma is retained, making food cooked in this oil more appealing.

Adds Flavor

Groundnut oil is ideal for all kinds of Indian cooking. This cooking oil has a non-intrusive taste and easily complements and enhances the rich flavors of the food you are cooking, making it the best groundnut oil in India.


The presence of Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) is another reason to make the Gulab Gold double-filtered groundnut oil the best groundnut oil in India. MUFAs lower your total and low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels while maintaining your high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol level. It is also widely reported that MUFAs may benefit insulin levels and blood sugar control.

Oil With Vitamin A and D

The Gulab Gold double-filtered best groundnut oil in India also contains vitamin A and D, as it retains the original nutrients of peanut oil while making it an easily consumable cooking oil for direct use in salads and curries.

Low Trans Fat

This oil contains very low trans fat. Buy groundnut oil online within a few clicks. For peanut oil 15 kg price, scroll up..

How To Use This Best Groundnut Oil For Cooking In India

Choose Gulab Gold best groundnut oil in India! Buy groundnut oil online. It takes only a minute. You will find the quantities you have ordered delivered at your location without any hassles.

We offer cooking oil at very affordable prices. If you would like to know about “peanut oil 15 kg price,” please scroll up. You may click here to get “peanut oil 15 kg price.”

Our filtered, pure groundnut oil is a must-have in your kitchen if your family is fond of Indian dishes from across the country. This oil can be used for Gujarati, Punjabi, Rajasthani, UP, MP, South Indian, and eastern Indian dishes.

Deep Frying

Use Gulab Gold groundnut oil for making your favorite fried snacks and enjoy the experience of richer taste and flavors. Our double-filtered oil can be used for any kind of deep-frying, whether you are making samosas, pakoras, sev mixture, puris, or any other fried food.

Salads And Snacks

This cooking oil is also great for direct use in salads, especially if you want a slightly nutty flavor that is non-intrusive and does not overpower the flavors of the ingredients used. Many savories taste better when just a touch of oil is spread on the surface to make them softer or as part of garnishing.


Groundnut oil is widely used across India for making all kinds of Indian curries and vegetable dishes or subzis. The “tadka” and sauteing with peanut oil make dishes mouth-watering.

Other Facts Worth Noting About Gulab Gold Pure Groundnut Oil

High-Quality Ingredients:

The peanuts are sourced from well-maintained farms and double-checked for quality. The storage and processing of the nuts are done using industry best practices and standards.

Not Refined But Filtered:

You get a cooking oil that is filtered through strainers and other equipment to remove the solid particles and contaminants without any chemicals being used in the process. Many essential nutrients of peanuts are retained.

100% Pure and Wholesome Oil:

The Gulab Gold groundnut oil has 0 impurities. The double filtering is done in a way to ensure that our customers get wholesome oil that is totally pure.

Gulab Oil has millions of customers. The brand is known for its high quality across India and among Indians worldwide. Benefit from our online ordering and delivery service if you prefer buying from within the comfort of your home or commercial premises. You might be a homeowner, a restaurant owner, a food service provider, or the one in charge of canteens. Use the Gulab Gold groundnut oil to enhance the value of your cuisine and dishes.

15 reviews for Filtered Groundnut Oil 15 Kg (Tin)
  1. pinkal50


  2. Ali Saiyed

    Excellent packing and on time delivery. Giving feedback after using it for 15 days. Best smell and taste.

  3. H p kakadiya

    Nice fain suparb

  4. Narshi Parmar

    Excellent new tin packing. Superfast delivery. My twice orders are very best service. But update your website for other product.

  5. user

    Best quality

  6. user (verified customer)

    Excellent new tin packing. Super fast delivery. GOOD

  7. Jay Thakor (verified customer)

    ખૂબ જ સરસ ક્વોલિટી..

    માર્કેટ કરતા ઘણો ઓછો ભાવ..

    ગુલાબને લગતી દરેક વસ્તુઓ..

    ફટાફટ ડિલિવરી..

    અને કેશ ઓન ડિલિવરીની સુવિધા પણ ઉપલબ્ધ..

    Just a suggestion.. ??

    That soon make an application of Shop Gulab ?

  8. Kushal

    Best Quality

  9. pradyumansinh jadeja

    The best of groundnut oil is gulab…the quality the best delivery the best

  10. Manoj shravan Amale

    Good oil in heldi

  11. Salim vohra

    Pure for sure oil quality 👌🌺

  12. Bhavesh

    Same day delivery done.
    Very good and fresh tin pack.

  13. Chand Mal Bohra

    Very Good Groundnut Oil. We are regularly using this oil and very much satisfied.

  14. Vimal Shankhala

    Best Quality

  15. Jignesh puri

    Best quality

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