Chocolaty Peanuts – 40 Gm Pouch

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Nutrition Facts (Per 100gm), Nutrition facts may vary from season to season, region & types of seeds.Energy 502 Kcal, protein 14.2g, Total Fat 27.75g, saturated fat 9.3g, trans fat 0g, Cholesterol-Absent, total carbohydrate 46g, sugar 21g, dietary fiber 0g, protein 24g, sodium 0mg.

Best Before 6 Month Of Packing.
Ingredient: choco,roasted peanuts, stabiliser, liquid glucose, preservative, acidity regulator, glazing agent

Chocolate Peanuts

Sweet Chocolate Covered Peanuts is a favorite party candy, which contains a peanut crunch and a chocolate shell. Gulab Prime Sweet Chocolate Peanuts or Coated Peanuts – 40 Gm Pouch is perfectly roasted peanuts that are coated with a layer of chocolate. Our Edible Oil Industry is a top-rated industry amongst the trusted firms that are engaged in offering a wide range of crispy crunchy chickpeas peanut varieties. All our products are provided under the brand name of “Gulab Foods,” which signifies the outcome in the roasted nut and roasted chickpeas form category. Moreover, our industry ensures that all the products are safely delivered to our customers. Even Sweet Peanuts Covered with Chocolate is the perfect choice for last-minute gift-giving to anyone.

Sweet Chocolate Covered Peanuts

Sweet Chocolate Covered Peanuts are called the dessert peanuts, which have the perfect crispiness, great taste to munch, and a unique combination to enjoy the taste of peanuts. Our company appoints highly skilled professionals who help us in giving a high-quality range of products like blackpepper peanuts, best chana masala, salted peanuts, chocolate peanuts, coated peanuts etc. Also, our professionals assure that the products provided to the customers are free from foreign bodies, bacteria, and contaminants. Several types of ingredients used to prepare Sweet Peanuts Covered with Chocolate such as roasted peanuts, choco, liquid glucose, acidity regulator, stabilizer, glazing agent, and preservative.

Peanuts Covered with Chocolate

We offer Sweet Peanuts Covered with the Chocolate product to our esteemed customers. These are harvested and cultivated at the vendor’s premises naturally without using any chemicals. Furthermore, Gulab Prime Sweet Chocolate Peanuts or Coated Peanuts – 40 Gm Pouch can easily buy from various modes as per the user’s convenience. Our experts use highly qualitative packaging material for Sweet Chocolate Covered Peanuts packing, which makes the freshness of the product. Due to all these factors, we have been gaining the complete trust of our customers.


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