Filtered Groundnut Oil 5 L

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Country of Origin: India 

The five-litre Gulab Gold double-filtered groundnut oil is ideal to meet the monthly needs of your family. With this 5-litre groundnut oil jar, you get enhanced shelf life for your cooking oil. Also, it is easy to pour into a cooking pan or a smaller jar, depending on your preferences and kitchen habits. Get a cooking oil that brings out the flavours of your ingredients. Get the Gulab Gold double-filtered groundnut oil.

Buy Gulab Gold Double Filtered 5-litre Groundnut Oil!


Our double-filtered ground oil is not treated by chemical processes. Buy this 5-litre groundnut oil to make mouth-watering dishes without worrying about any negative aspects.

A Great Replacement of Refined Oil

If you are looking to replace your refined oils with cooking oils that have higher nutritive value, then Gulab Gold filtered groundnut oil is a great option. It is double-filtered, resulting in zero impurities while retaining key nutritive elements of peanut oil.

Healthy, Nutritive Peanut Oil

By producing oils through a double-filtration process instead of refining at high temperatures, you get pure and wholesome oil that contains antioxidants, good fatty acids that lower bad or LDL cholesterol, and the natural aroma and flavours of original peanut oil, which are otherwise lost when refined.

Superior Quality

Buy 5 litres of groundnut oil that is extracted by top-quality peanuts from farms owned and trusted by Gulab. The handpicked and double-checked peanuts used for producing the oil gives you a slightly nutty flavour, which is generally good and accentuates the natural flavours of any ingredients.

With MUFA and Vitamins

The Gulab Gold double-filtered groundnut oil has monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs), which help reduce bad or LDL cholesterol levels and maintain good or HDL cholesterol levels in your body. MUFAs are also known to assist with blood sugar control. This filtered peanut oil is also enriched with vitamin A and D.

Low Trans Fat

Get this 5 litres of groundnut oil that is very low in trans fat. Find this an ideal cooking oil for healthy, nutritive recipes.

Buy 5 litres of Groundnut Oil Available In A Good Quality Jar That Enhances Shelf Life!

If you are searching for “groundnut oil 5 ltr in India,” here is a product that is the best among all groundnut oils and is available in an attractive, hygienically-packed, secure 5-litre jar.

Buy Gulab Gold double-filtered groundnut oil if you are planning to buy “groundnut oil 5 ltr online.”  Our excellent customer service ensures that the product is delivered in the right manner and packing and on schedule.

The groundnut oil 5 ltr jar from Gulab Gold will hold a place of pride in your kitchen. This cooking oil is made from superior-quality peanut plant seeds and retains many of its key antioxidant properties, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

Groundnut oil is also called peanut oil. In Northern India, it is also referred to as mungfali oil. By whatever name you choose to call it, buy only the best quality groundnut oil for your home or business! The Gulab Gold double-filtered 5-litre groundnut oil is the best quality groundnut oil in India.

It has a high smoke point, which makes it a great cooking oil for sautéing, shallow-frying, deep-frying, baking, and other methods of food preparation.

Gulab Oil is a brand known for its high quality among millions across India and Indians worldwide. From homeowners to restaurant owners, from top corporate canteens to beautiful resorts, Gulab Gold has become a favourite brand of chefs across India. Buy our 5-litre groundnut oil online and get it delivered to your doorstep without delays.

8 reviews for Filtered Groundnut Oil 5 L
  1. Chikku

    Super Product Very Satisfied By Purchasing This.

  2. Himani Vinay

    I bought 1 literally of groundnut oil from amazon. It was good. Then I ordered 15 literally bucket from shop gulab. The double filtered ground nut oil is good and nice ground nut smell. Must try.

  3. Dhiraj Chauhan

    I have ordered for the first time from Shopgulab, and I am happy with their service. Delivery and packaging was perfect.

  4. chouhan15 (verified customer)

    wonderful packaging realy these people know the business.

  5. Sangeeta


  6. Rituja Gawarikar (verified customer)

    pure and aromatic. highly recommended

  7. Archana jain

    Very good quality oil. I m satisfied.

  8. Kaushal

    Jordar oil ata hai

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