Organic Millet Upma – 200g

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True Story Organic Instant Mixes – Convenient, Healthy, and Delicious

Experience the convenience of True Story Organic Instant Mixes, a premium selection from the House of Gulab, renowned for its commitment to quality in the FMCG sector. Crafted with care from the finest organic ingredients, True Story Organic Instant Mixes offer wholesome and flavorful meals in minutes.

Why Choose True Story Organic Instant Mixes?

Certified Organic: Made from certified organic ingredients, our instant mixes are free from synthetic additives and preservatives, ensuring every bite is pure and natural.

High-Quality Standards: True Story Organic Instant Mixes uphold the legacy of quality and reliability associated with the Gulab Oils brand. Our dedication to excellence ensures each mix meets the highest standards of taste and nutrition.

Convenient and Time-Saving: Perfect for modern lifestyles, our instant mixes offer quick and easy meal solutions without compromising on quality or flavor. Whether you’re a busy professional or a homemaker, True Story Organic Instant Mixes are ideal for hectic days when you need a nutritious meal in a hurry.

Variety of Options: From traditional favorites like Handvo and Khichdi to innovative creations like Millet Upma and Ragi Porridge, our range offers a diverse selection to suit every palate and preference.

Product Range

  • True Story Organic Handvo: A savory Gujarati delicacy made from a blend of lentils, rice, and spices.
  • True Story Organic Khichdi: A comforting blend of rice, lentils, and spices, perfect for a nourishing one-pot meal.
  • True Story Organic Millet Khichu: A gluten-free twist on the traditional Gujarati snack, made from millet flour and aromatic spices.
  • True Story Organic Millet Upma: A South Indian breakfast favorite made from millet grains and seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves, and green chilies.
  • True Story Organic Muthiya: A steamed snack made from a blend of flours, vegetables, and spices, perfect for snacking or light meals.
  • True Story Organic Suji Upma: A classic South Indian breakfast made from semolina (suji) and seasoned with vegetables and spices.
  • True Story Organic Ragi Porridge: A nutritious breakfast option made from ragi flour and flavored with jaggery and cardamom.

Benefits of True Story Organic Instant Mixes

  • Pure and Natural: Made from certified organic ingredients.
  • Convenient: Ready in minutes, perfect for busy lifestyles.
  • Nutritious: Packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber.
  • Versatile: Suitable for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.

How to Use

True Story Organic Instant Mixes are incredibly easy to prepare. Simply follow the instructions on the packet to enjoy a delicious and nutritious meal in no time. Customize with your favorite toppings and accompaniments for added flavor and variety.

Buy True Story Organic Instant Mixes Online

Shop now at and discover the convenience and goodness of True Story Organic Instant Mixes. Available for convenient online purchase, delivered straight to your doorstep. Elevate your mealtime experience with the trusted quality of Gulab.


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