Cold Pressed Sesame Oil 1 L

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Sesame oil, also known as ‘Til’ oil, is another of India’s hidden treasures. Since the refining process takes away most of the necessary ingredients from the oil, the usage of refined sesame oil is incomparable to that of cold pressed sesame oil

  • Best Before 12 Months from the date of packing.
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Vegetarian
  • Cold-Pressed Sesame Oil
  • 100% Natural And Pure

About Gulab Pure Cold Pressed Sesame Oil For Cooking – Best Cold Pressed Sesame Oil

Sesame oil is a healthy fat that you can add to your daily cooking. Organic cold pressed sesame oil has rich antioxidant content and anti-inflammatory properties. Pure, cold-pressed sesame oil may benefit your heart, joints, skin, hair, and overall health.

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Gulab Organic Cold Pressed Sesame Oil – From Farms To Your Cuisine – How The Processes Matter!

Direct From Our Farms

The sesame plants are grown on our farms. Seeds are also obtained through contract farming basis in a way that we ensure the best quality of raw material – sesame seeds – are procured.

Sorting And Grading For Best-Quality Seeds

The collected seeds are further sorted and graded, and the top-quality seeds are used for organic cold pressed sesame oil production.

Cold Pressing Near Room Temperatures

The cold pressing process is done at low temperatures (near room temperatures). The oil is stored as per best practices before the filtration process begins.

Filtration Leading To Zero Impurities

The filtration process also follows the best standards so that 100% residue or impurities are removed, leading to the production of the purest possible oil with the nutrients and original flavours intact.

Best Cold Pressed Sesame Oil – Multipurpose Oil!

Cold Pressed Sesame Oil For Cooking

This pure cold pressed sesame oil, with its natural nutritive elements intact, is great for cooking – stir-frying, seasoning, sauteing, grilling, and roasting. Whether you would like to make salads and chutneys or roast dosas, marinate fishes or grill sandwiches, saute onions and bell peppers or use for garnishing and seasoning on dishes, this pure cold pressed sesame oil is the best.

Cold Pressed Sesame Seed Oil For Topical Application

The application of pure unrefined sesame oil on the skin serves as a natural sunscreen, as sesame oil is known to offer protection against UV rays 10% more than most other oils.

Cold Pressed Sesame Seed Oil For Boosting Hair Growth

Sesame oil is considered great for hair growth, enhanced hair strength and shine. It is also beneficial for boosting scalp health. It is enriched with vitamins and minerals that are known to strengthen the hair from the roots. Massaging this oil into the scalp once a week helps nourish the scalp while enhancing the quality of hair and its shine.

Cold Pressed Til Oil For Massages For Infants

For centuries, sesame oil has been used for massaging infants: stimulating healthy bone growth, toning muscles, and protecting and nourishing their skin. This oil is rich in vitamin E, B complex and various minerals.

Cold Pressed Til Oil For Ayurvedic Treatments

Pure cold pressed sesame oil is also valued for its medicinal properties in Ayurveda for improving the health of hair, skin, teeth, and respiratory and circulatory system. The oil is used for massaging, nasya, and as part of other therapeutic uses.

Buy Cold Pressed Sesame Oil Online

Cold pressed sesame oil is your ideal choice for many types of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Organic cold pressed sesame oil is made from seeds procured through organic farming.

The Gulab Cold Pressed Sesame Oil is 100% Natural and Pure:

  1. It is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids (86g MUFA and PUFA per 100g oil). These are called good fatty acids as they may reduce heart disease risk factors and help regulate blood sugar levels.
  2. Gulab cold pressed sesame oil is great for low and medium temperature cooking, seasoning, and stir-frying. The texture is light, and the flavour is just right without being too pungent or strong.
  3. The rich levels of polyunsaturated fatty acids in sesame oil reportedly influence the levels of leptin, a hormone that reduces fat deposition. Consuming this oil in very moderate quantities helps in reducing BMI, weight circumference, and body weight.

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    great product

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    Sesame oil is a great quality product with authentic taste and mild fragrance of til

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