Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 5 L

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Country of Origin: India

Buy Gulab Gold Cold Pressed groundnut oil 5 litre jar, which can fit easily into any kitchen cabinet, pantry or cupboard. This cooking oil is ideal for preparing all types of Indian food, from seasoning in salads to sauteing for curries and veggies and deep-frying. Cold pressed groundnut oil is ideal for everyone who is conscious about lowering cholesterol and managing their weight.

Why Buy “Cold Press Groundnut Oil” Or “Kachi Ghani Oil?” How Does It Differ From Refined Oils?

Oil produced through industrial methods where peanuts seeds are exposed to very high temperatures and chemical solvents facilitates high-volume yield. This refining process at temperatures up to 210 degrees makes it free of toxins as well as all its nutritional values. Trans fat and saturated fat levels are high in refined oil.

Oil can also be extracted through wooden or metal apparatus and mechanical actions that crush and press the peanut seeds. “Ghani” or “chekku” are some of the local names of this apparatus. The seeds are subjected to lower temperatures and not chemically treated. For cold pressing, good quality peanuts seeds are needed.

When producers cold press groundnut oil using the best standards that combine modern methods and ayurvedic practices, most of the nutrients in the oil are retained, and you get a cooking oil that is much better for your health.

Groundnut oil is also called peanut oil and mungfali oil.

Buy Gulab Gold Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 5 litre Jar!

The Gulab Gold cold pressed groundnut oil is the best kachi ghani mungfali oil.

  • We use the best quality seeds, handpicked and double-checked for quality.
  • We ensure a well-researched and great combination of modern and ayurvedic cold pressed oil generation processes that ensure optimum benefits.
  • The Gulab Gold cold pressed groundnut oil has 0 (zero) impurities and is chemical-free and pesticide-free.
  • Our cold pressed groundnut oil is also cholesterol-free.
  • The smoke point is about 160 degrees, which allows deep frying without any risks
  • The Gulab Gold cold pressed groundnut oil 5 litre jar is packed following best standards and has a long shelf life of six months.

Buy Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Online From Gulab Gold!

The benefits of Cold Pressed Groundnut oil are many:

Improves Heart Health

Cold Pressed Groundnut oil has no trans fat. It has zero cholesterol. The monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids of natural peanut oil are retained. This cooking oil helps you lower cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart diseases.

Improves Immune Health

Cold pressed groundnut oil retains the original nutritional value of peanut oil, which is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and various micronutrients. Using this cooking oil on a daily basis instead of refined oil can help reduce the risk of various diseases, including certain types of cancer.

Improves Skin Health

Cold pressed groundnut oil can be directly applied to the body. The oil acts as a natural moisturiser. The presence of Vitamin E in peanut oil is known to keep the skin healthy and reduce skin issues.

Keeps Insulin Sensitivity in Control

Cold-pressed groundnut oil is known to help manage blood sugar levels, as it contains monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Compared to refined oil, the cold pressed groundnut oil slows fat absorption and boosts insulin production, leading to better blood sugar control.

How Can You Use Gulab Gold Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil?


Using cold pressed peanut oil for your salads enhances the flavours of the ingredients as the slightly nutty flavour of peanut oil serves as a flavour enhancer.

Shallow and Deep Frying:

The smoke point of cold pressed groundnut oil is about 160 degrees, which makes it safe for shallow and deep frying.

Baking / Microwave Oven:

You can also use this oil for baking

Buy the cold pressed groundnut oil 5 litre jar and get the goodness of our superior cold pressed peanut oil.

10 reviews for Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 5 L
  1. Chetankumar Rank

    Superb & original smale, Lekage proof packaging/boxing, Same month manufacturing product, Awasome product,My all family members are setisfied, Delivered in only one day

  2. Himanshu Mody

    I am repeating my order 3rd time… Wow the same Groundnut oil taste & smell that we were eating in my childhood…I am running 60!
    Great job!

  3. Raj Gosai (verified customer)

    Good Packaging and Best Oil quality…

    I think Gulab should upload some videos on YouTube about Manufacturing process of Cold pressed groundnut oil…

    ( It will also convert more Customer to Your Gulab platform and Increase sales)

    For Better Customer Satisfaction…

  4. user


  5. Ravindra Reddy (verified customer)

    I’m ordering now 3rd time,price quality Excellent,

  6. user (verified customer)

    Totally Satisfying in every way, I have no words for it….thank you

  7. Maulik Mehta (verified customer)

    Last time I have received leak 5litre bottle.all other things are good .Just take care of packaging

  8. Mgmuniraju (verified customer)

    First time i booking 5ltr cold presed ground nut oil this is pure or mixing

  9. Aditya Sharma (verified customer)

    Its an excellent product one of the best quality cooking; i have stopped using all other brands and have become regular user towards Gulab from Delhi NCR by online order facility. After using it regularly for over 6 months there is definitely a change in after meal experience.

  10. Chitrang V Parmar (verified customer)

    Top Quality Cold Press Oil from Gulab. Smell/Aroma is pure nostalgia like it was when we are kids. Pure Singtel. Buying since product was launched year back. Go for it for health life.

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