Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 15 kg (Bucket)

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Country of Origin: India

Buy Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 15 ltr bucket. It will serve as a long-time and affordable investment for your cuisine. Keep it away from direct sunlight and heat.

Use cold pressed groundnut oil for cooking and choose a healthy lifestyle. Gulab Gold offers the best cold pressed groundnut oil, which is packed with nutritive elements. You do not have to search for “cold pressed groundnut oil near me.” Buy cold pressed groundnut oil online and have it delivered to your doorstep.

The Best Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil Or Kachi Ghani Oil in India

What is kachi ghani oil?

Oil can be produced in many ways. Refined oil is obtained by extracting oil through a combination of high heat and exposure to chemical solvents that results in high-volume oil production with consistency in colour, taste, and flavour. Oil produced in this manner will be bland, clearer and odourless.

There is another method of oil extraction, which is more ancient and has been practised in India for many millennia. For example, when people cold press groundnut seeds using an apparatus called “ghani” or ‘chekku,” without exposure to high temperatures or chemicals by using wooden or metal mortars, the mechanical action of crushing and pressing seeds produces oil.

This method of producing oil is done through chemical-free processes. Oil produced in this way is called cold press groundnut oil because it is done without subjecting the seeds and oil to high temperatures. When manufacturers cold press groundnut oil, the nutrients in the oil are not lost. The nutritional value and goodness of the oil are retained.

Key Facts: Cold Press Groundnut Oil (Kachi Ghani Oil)

  • The kachi ghani oil is naturally produced with almost all its natural goodness intact.
  • The “cold press groundnut oil” technique is chemical-free and pesticide-free.
  • Compared to the refining process, the cold press groundnut oil extraction methods are energy-efficient and support sustainable growth.
  • Kachi ghani groundnut oil retains the proteins, vitamins and minerals found in natural peanut oil.
  • Kachi ghani groundnut oil is rich in antioxidants.
  • Kachi ghani groundnut oil also has Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFA) and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA).
  • The combination of modern and ayurvedic kachi ghani groundnut oil production leads to a low saturated fat presence in the cooking oil.

Buy Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 15 ltr

Key Benefits

Boosts Immunity:

Cold pressed groundnut oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamins and micronutrients that lowers the risk of various diseases, including some types of cancer.

Boosts Heart Health:

Cold-pressed peanut oil is free of LDL (bad) cholesterol but contains HDL (good) cholesterol and phytosterols. The presence of MUFA and PUFA and negligible trans fat reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Boosts Skin Health:

Cold-pressed peanut oil can be applied directly to the skin. The high vitamin-E content keeps the skin healthy and helps fight several skin issues. It also keeps the skin moisturised and prevents dryness.

Supports Weight Management:

Cold-pressed peanut oil has no cholesterol, negligible trans fat, and a very low amount of saturated fats in comparison to refined oils. All these help manage lipid levels and weight.

Keeps Insulin Sensitivity In Control:

The MUFA, PUFA, and other micronutrients present in cold-pressed groundnut oil lead to better blood sugar level control.

Use cold pressed groundnut oil for cooking. It will lower fat absorption and reduce the risk of diseases related to high LDL cholesterol levels. Apply it to your body for healthy, moisturised skin. Cold press groundnut oil or kachi ghani groundnut oil can be used for seasoning, sauteing, and deep-frying.

Buy cold pressed groundnut oil online from Gulab Gold!

5 reviews for Cold Pressed Groundnut Oil 15 kg (Bucket)
  1. Chitrang Parmar

    Finest Quality guaranteed as i have tried for 4 months in row, Perfect Aroma, Yummy Taste and excellent packaging.
    Must go for it for healthy cooking oil.

  2. DEEPAK JANARDHAN VAZE (verified customer)


  3. user (verified customer)

    Very nice quality product, using it for last one year.

  4. user

    I am buying with a trust, Hope this would be better for my family.

  5. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta

    This is the best ground nut oil & with natural taste and flavour. Good for health conscious people. Good & quick service & packaging was superb.

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