Cold Pressed Mustard Oil 1 L

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The traditional wooden oil presses of Gulab Goodness produces 100% pure mustard oil from the best mustard produce of the season. With the help of this, we ensure that every last bit of antioxidants, nutrients, and flavor is retained in the oil.

  • Best Before 6 Months from the date of packing.
  • Net Qty: 1 L
  • Country of Origin: India
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegetarian
  • Cold-Pressed Mild Mustard Oil

About Gulab Cold Pressed Mustard Oil For Cooking – Best Cold Pressed Mustard Oil

The Gulab cold pressed yellow mustard oil is among the best cold pressed mustard oils available in the market. Cold pressed mustard oil gives you numerous benefits which might not be visible by just comparing cold pressed mustard oil prices with refined mustard oil prices. In comparison, cold pressed mustard oil prices are higher, but in reality, the benefits are 10x more.

What are the 10x benefits that make cold pressed mustard oil prices seem so very cost-effective in terms of the real value you get from using this oil?

1. Best-Quality Mustard Seeds

This is the best cold pressed mustard oil as it is made from top-quality mustard seeds that are double checked for quality.

2. 100% Pure Oil

Gulab offers the best cold pressed mustard oil that is 100% pure mustard oil with high nutritional value.

3. Chemical-Free Filtration

You get filtered oil, which is different from refined oil, which uses chemical-based processes for removing impurities. The cold compressed mustard oil is made from filtration processes that involve zero chemicals but also result in zero impurities.

4. Not Exposed To High Temperatures

The name cold pressed refers to the oil production process that does not use high-temperature-based processes, but the pressing of seeds is done at low temperatures. The cold compressed mustard oil production process enables the retention of all the beneficial compounds in natural, pure mustard oil.

5. Zero Cholesterol

Buy cold pressed mustard oil for cooking, as it has zero cholesterol content. The trans fat is near zero. This mustard cold pressed oil is best for heart health.

6. Non-GMO

The Gulab cold pressed yellow mustard oil is made from seeds that are not genetically modified (non-GMO). You get 100% natural, pure oil made from non-GMO seeds, giving you greater health benefits.

7. Maintains Natural Composition

This cold-pressed mustard oil retains a significant part of the natural chemical and physiological properties of natural mustard seeds. The texture, taste, colour, and nutritional elements of the mustard oil are retained in the Gulab cold pressed mustard oil.

8. Rich In MUFA

Rich MUFA levels in your cooking oil help maintain heart health and lower bad cholesterol while improving good cholesterol.

9. Good PUFA Levels

Mustard oil has a good quantity of PUFA levels, which are fatty acids that reduces inflammation and decreases oxidative stress

10. Has Omega 3

Omega 3 fatty acids are useful in reducing heart complications. The mustard oil has the right balance of omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids.

Buy Gulab Cold Pressed Mustard Oil Online

Mustard oil produced through the cold pressed or ‘kachi ghani’ process has a unique fatty acid profile. Mustard oil extracted through chemical-free methods in low temperatures is among the healthiest and most affordable cooking oils.

Not Pungent – Maintains Original Flavours

Cold pressed yellow mustard oil is not pungent like black mustard oil. It maintains the original flavour of the food while being visible light in colour and is less thick in texture.

Traditional Indian Cooking

Cold pressed mustard oil is preferred for many types of traditional vegetarian Indian food and native fish curries. Cold pressed yellow mustard oil is also great for making sauces, chutneys, and pickles.

Richer Taste

Cold pressed mustard oil enhances the nutritional value and the taste and aroma of food cooked in the oil. The texture and colour also give food seasoned in the oil a richer presentation.

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