Gulab Combo of Premium Black Pepper Grinder, 50g and Premium Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder, 100g

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  • Gulab Goodness brings to you the combination of most premium quality Black Pepper Grinder and Himalayan Pink Salt.
  • Built-in, air tight and adjustable grinder to deliver fresh pepper every time.
  • Easy-to-use: Remove cap, turn upside down, and twist
  • Refillable Bottle.

Buy Premium Quality Pink Salt And Pepper Grinder Online at ShopGulab

Most of the time, we avoid using pepper and pink salt in our diet due to the trouble getting them crushed. Our expert team at ShopGulab has designed durable and high-quality pink salt and pepper grinders. We ensure ethical and honest business with all our customers. All our services and food materials are designed to keep customer health in mind.

Trust ShopGulab for Durable Pink Salt And Pepper Grinders Online

Pepper is found in almost all kitchens across the world. Pink salt is being adopted by many in their daily cuisines. The medicinal properties attached to both these condiments have made them an integral part of every household. However, grinding them every time you need to use them is hectic and tiring. Some food items require finely ground, while others need the condiments to be coarsely ground. Using an electric mixer for small quantities is unwise. Crushing them manually causes non-uniform condiment particles. Storing condiments like pepper and pink salt in plastic containers will steal their nutrient value and flavor. Avoid all these hassles, and visit for durable, adjustable, and prefilled salt and pepper grinder Online.

Pepper and Salt Grinders With a Coarseness Adjustment Mechanism

The grinders are designed with a ceramic mechanism to help grind the contents according to your coarseness choice. The ceramic rotor can be adjusted for different grinding levels. Moreover, the bottles are engraved with pepper and salt labels to ensure unnecessary mix up while cooking or garnishing. The grinders are available in bold colors and different sizes. You can choose the type of wooden, acrylic, or glass material grinders that will suit your kitchen or restaurant aesthetics. The airtight lid locks the flavor and essence of the pepper and salt. We offer pre-filled authentic pink salt and pepper grinders.

Visit for Salt and Pepper Grinders in Varying Sizes, colors, and Materials.

ShopGulab has managed to build a strong customer base by delivering quality products. All you need to do is visit our website and choose pink salt and pepper grinder as per your color, size, and material choice. Our website provides an end to end seamless salt and pepper grinder Online delivery. Our team will take care of packing the products and providing reliable delivery. During this time of Covid 19, we ensure contactless, safe delivery. Unlike most salt and pepper grinders available in online stores today, all our bottles are designed with ceramic mechanisms. Wait no more! Get the best quality salt and pepper grinders at Trust us, and we will take care of the rest!

1 review for Gulab Combo of Premium Black Pepper Grinder, 50g and Premium Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder, 100g
  1. Nikita jha

    Gulab Combo of Premium Black Pepper Grinder, and Premium Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder, is the best combo and its very fast & safe delivered my order so i am thankful shopgulab.

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