Gulab Premium Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder, 100g – Pack of 2

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  • Premium Quality Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder / Crusher by Gulab Goodness.
  • Natural & Pure: It is minimally processed to retain all the natural minerals like magnesium, calcium, sodium chloride etc.
  • Wonderful Health Benefits: Gulab Pink Salt helps in flushing out toxins from the body, improves digestion and regulates blood sugar.
  • Great Taste: Gulab Pink Salt is a healthy and tasty replacement for regular table salt. You can use it for regular cooking and for seasoning.

Visit ShopGulab to Buy Himalayan Salt With Pink Salt Grinder!

ShopGulab has been serving customers all over India since 1992. Among our wide array of products, our customers’ quality of our prefilled Himalayan pink salt grinder has been praised. Our team has designed a grinder that can store and preserve the flavor of pink salt for a long time. Moreover, the pink salt grinder uses a ceramic mechanism that helps increase the contents’ shelf life. The pink salt contained in these grinders is extracted from salt mines close to the Himalayas. The pink salt is 100% natural. Right from our establishment, ShopGulab has been striving to ensure quality products and services for all our customers so buy himalayan salt now.

Why Should You Buy Himalayan Pink Salt And Himalayan Pink Salt Grinder From Us?

Pink salt stimulates better blood circulation. It has proven beneficial to help lower blood pressure and flush out heavy metals from the human body. Himalayan salt can be used in body scrubs for glowing skin. Pink salt helps produce healthy enzymes that facilitate better digestion. However, pink salt needs to be stored in airtight containers to protect them from moisture around. Salt attracts moisture quickly and will form lumps easily. The minerals might deteriorate with prolonged exposure to air. Pink salt with these lost minerals is of no use to the body. Visit to buy Himalayan salt grinders for longer shelf life and better mineral retention in the salt. We also have grinder for himalyan pink salt and varying package quantities of pink salt for sale.

Buy Pink Salt Grinder Bottles at

Most online stores and retailers sell adulterated pink salt rich in preservatives. The grinder for Himalayan pink salt has ceramic rotors that help adjust the levels of grinding. The bottles are labeled or engraved to avoid mix up with other condiments. The pink salt and grinder has knobs that help achieve up to five uniform grinding levels from fine to coarse. The pink salt in these grinders has no added preservatives for longer shelf life. The pink salt grinder is available in stainless steel, wooden, or acrylic materials. Visit and choose from the wide variety of grinders of pink salt that suit your dining or restaurant tables.

ShopGulab Sells Durable Pre-filled Pink Salt Grinders.

The positive reviews of our customers have been a great reinforcement for our organization all these years. We have imposed strict hygiene and safety guidelines on all our employees. Customers all over India continue to trust our contactless delivery and safe service even amid the Covid19 scare. We have connections with authentic Himalayan miners who harvest mineral-rich pink salt. Such high-quality pink salt in airtight grinders at this price is an impossible feat. is your one-stop solution for the best quality authentic grinder for Himalyan pink salt. Search no more! Buy pink salt prefilled in grinders from us.

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  1. Krishna Chadda

    Well Packaged. As far as I know l, salt is pure. I’m also Very satisfied with the fast shipping from Shopgulab !

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